Frollein Frullier


Short story of the company

My name is Annika Groß and I initiated Frollein Frullier. With conversation and sightseeing and with Sprachevents I want to bring you a little closer to the German language and to us German people...

I came up with the first ideas to combine tourism and language in 2012. One year later I decided to launch my own start-up company.

At the end of 2013 the company Frollein Frullier was born. I started to shape and sharpen the concept and to perform German by doing, and I will hopefully do this for many more years.

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The story of the name

Frollein means Fräulein, ok. But what is Frullier? Italians are probably the only ones with some associations. Frullare means to mix or to blend things in Italian. Imagine a cooking evening with German and Italian friends. We wanted to eat a soup. But a smooth one, no veggi pieces! Almost done, we just needed to blend the soup. "Wer will frullieren?" Puzzled looks and a new German verb with Italian roots was born! Frullare + ...ieren = frullieren!

The company has been named this way because frullieren fits to the concept: All types of activities, people from different countries and authentic places from Berlin get mixed into the tough German language to make it much more digestible for foreigners.