Our concept


Away from the desk

When you come home from work or university you might imagine more inspiring things than opening another book in order to study German. Or you spend much time at home and you want to meet people and see more of Berlin? The Sprachevents want to give you the chance to learn the language, and not only the language, in an active and fun way.


Learning more quickly while using all the senses

In real situations you learn better than in made up situations. You have probably had your own experiences like wondering why you picked up more foreign words during your trips than at school as a child; or remembering the most sophisticated expressions when you spend your leisure time with foreigners. People want to connect language emotionally to places, actions, and people. This is the philosophy behind the Sprachevents.

The fact that you learn more effectively when you use all your senses is well-known and even confirmed by neuroscience. Therefore, the Sprachevents include as many learning channels as possible (the auditory, the gustatory, etc.).

If teachers wants to introduce new words they must imbed it in a clear thematic situation to make learning effective. In modern language teaching they create a fictional setting. This setting exists automatically in real situations.

Jim Scrivener emphasizes in that regard the power of storytelling and eliciting for modern language teaching. If you want to know more about it you might enjoy reading Scrivener, Jim (2011): Learning Teaching. The Essential Guide to English Language Teaching.


Exploring Berlin places and German culture

You will experience a variety of Berlin places because the events take place at different locations and in different districts. You will be more deeply immersed into German culture and everyday Berlin life: Grandma's recipes are dug out as well as urban everyday activities, like fixing bikes or joining bar tours.


Meeting people

People who choose to come and stay in Berlin might feel lonely at first. The events want to help connect people or get to know them better.


Feeling more at home, losing fears

Many foreigners feel uncomfortable when they talk German at the beginning. The Sprachevents want to give them the chance to create a more positive relationship towards a language that many people find tough and a little harsh sounding. You will find out German is great!