Service and prices




What you get

Engaging and effective language training in small groups.

One event takes approximately two hours.


What it costs

Most Sprachevents cost 30 € per event and per person. The cooking events and the ones with higher than average expenses require extra charges. These are listed under the description of the event concerned.

Groups with 7 and more persons pay 15 % less (besides Frullier Light events).

Frullier Light events cost between 12 € and 18 €.

The culture exchange day in German costs between 25 € and 45 €, depending on how much you want to pay.


Groups and individuals

To book a Sprachevent you need to be at least 4 persons. You will find the dates at the calendar, but feel free to ask for your desired date or a different event of the events list. You could create your own group by organizing yourselves via the Facebook page of Frollein Frullier.

Usually, the group size is limited to 8 persons, but I will try to find a suitable one for bigger groups. You can also have your individual Sprachevent developed.

Individuals can sometimes join existing groups. Please feel free to ask. For individuals, pairs, or groups of three I can offer adapted versions of Sprachevents or conversational training with sightseeing. Wishes and ideas are welcome.

If you have a preference for your own location, your Sprachevent will take place there.

Groups that book more than once a month will get a voucher worth 15 % of the price of your booking from the second booking on.


How to book

There is a monthly calendar published three weeks in advance on the website and on Facebook.

The events usually need to be paid in advance. For organizational reasons bookings can be accepted only until 48 hours before the beginning of the event (Games Tuesday: until Tuesday 12.00 a.m.). Call or send an e-mail for reservation and you will receive the confirmation and the necessary details to conclude the booking.

You can pay via PayPal or via bank transfer. If you book less than 72 hours before the event starts, please read the specific conditions at the General Terms and Conditions.


What else you can get


Individual planning of Sprachevents

Send me an e-mail with your request and you will get an estimate of costs.


Individual Language Assistance

If you want support when you go to places like public authorities or to the registration for a nursery school, or if you need help with filling in forms, ask for Individual Language Assistance. The assistance can be offered in German, English, or Italian.

Price: 30 € per hour, with a minimum fee of 45 € within the BVG fare zone A and 50 € within zone B



Gift vouchers

You can ask for gift vouchers to make your foreign friends happy.



Vocabulary booklets

You can get a Frollein Frullier booklet in which you can write down your new vocabulary. You can get it on site while you are attending a Sprachevent.