The person behind


Annika Groß

I was born close to Dresden in 1981 and moved to Berlin in 2001.

As a certified teacher of German as a foreign language (EUROLTA Certificate / International House Certificate) I teach at the Sprachenatelier Berlin and as Frollein Frullier I organise Sprachevents, give one-to-one conversational lessons, translate, and interpret. During the training for this certificate and my work I was introduced to modern teaching techniques which confirmed my thoughts on my own personal experiences in language learning (e.g. the teaching guides by Jim Scrivener).

I have worked in event management, in tourism, as an interpreter and translator, and I draw under the name Murilia. In Berlin and Rome I have studied cultural geography and languages, and specialized in tourism. I have worked and studied in Ethiopia, Qatar, Italy, and the USA. Because of my passion for travelling I got to know very different places and cultures.

I speak English, Italian, Spanish, a little French and Swedish, and I remember a few words of Finnish from university. Most of these languages I learned in the country itself or from native speakers. This way I became aware that people remember much more of a foreign language if they connect it emotionally to action, places, and people. Speaking different languages makes it easier for me to understand common mistakes that foreigners make when they are talking in German.


Supported by...

Frollein Frullier thanks for the rich support in terms of web design, graphic design, photography, concept development, marketing, public relations, and other kinds of support that makes it possible to operate. Special thanks to Hagen Groß, Albertine Baronius, and Jens Hoffmeister.